Future of…….

Regardless of startling new developments in AI, human experts will always be needed to identify interstellar dust captured in the Stardust interstellar dust collector. However, AI presents the opportunities to “high-grade” the image data, eliminating unambiguous empty fields of view, thus making the best use of the time of citizen […]

Site Down, Site Up

We apologize for the inconvenience, of Stardust@home going offline today. The Space Sciences lab was having electrical work done. The core servers should have been on generator power. However, the generator did not work consistently and we chose to just shut down the server’s and restart when the work was completed. The […]

Phase V is Coming!

We will be shutting down the site for about a week starting Monday May 7th and returning Monday May 14th with Phase V! Phase V, includes newly scanned data, A “Duster of the Month” feature, revised Skill scoring and re-calibrated Power movies. Thanks, Stardust at home


Although things have been relatively quiet for Stardust@home, there has been furious activity in the last six weeks on the manuscripts reporting the results of the Interstellar Preliminary Examination (ISPE), of which Stardust@home is the first part.  The first part of the publication plan is  a series of papers to be submitted to Meteoritics and Planetary […]

Samples from the Stardust Return Capsule

On the morning of Friday, Jan. 20, a team from NASA/JSC, the Smithsonian Institution, U. C. Berkeley, and Naval Research Laboratory successfully collected small samples from the Stardust Sample Return Capsule, which is on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. These samples will provide critical information about trace elements and minerals, […]

No clear winner…

So, if you HAVE NOT voted yet, or you DID NOT VOTE FOR either proposal B or G (the two in contention), please vote again for either proposal B or G (B or G ONLY please) at The deadline for voting in this FINAL run off is this Friday, Dec […]

Skill Score Proposals Runoff

Many thanks to those of you who voted on the doodle poll for the skill scores, many thanks for your patience in this process. Because we had a tie, we extended the deadline for 10 days, until Nov. 13, to allow more dusters to vote. Rather than making the situation clearer, however, […]

Status update

We have been negligent in keeping the Stardust@home community up to date about our progress. We apologize for this, and hear your frustration. Our excuse is that we have been very very busy readying ourselves for publication of the first results from the ISPE. Here’s the brief status. We apologize […]

We have a tie….

Many thanks to those of you who voted on the doodle poll for the skill scores. We have a tie, so we are extending the deadline for 10 days, until Nov. 13, to allow more dusters to vote. (We would rather not tell you yet which ones are tied for first place, […]

Summary of Skill Score Proposals

Summary of Skill Score Proposals Received by September 15, 2011 PDF version of Duster Proposals Final Here we present the detailed proposals that we received in September. We apologize that it took so much time to finalize these. The reason for this was that we had quite extensive dialogs with several […]