These are the people who work on Stardust@home.

Andrew Westphal, Project Director/Principal Investigator

Anna Butterworth, Project Scientist

Robert Lettieri, Programmer/System Administration

Will Marchant, Programmer

Dan Zevin, Education and Outreach/Volunteer Coordinator

Zack Gainsforth, calibration development and track identification

Past team members have included:

David Anderson, SETI@home

Dan Werthimer, SETI@home

Bryan Méndez, Education and Outreach

Josh Von Korff, Programmer

Matt Paul, Programmer

Anna (Xu) Zhang, Web Designer

Johnson Space Center Team: Mike Zolensky, Ron Bastien, Jack Warren, Carlton Allen

Theresa Westphal, calibration checker

Stardust@home forum moderators (DustMods): Donna Millheim, Nikie Ryan, Steve Swanson, Fred J. Gray, Wolter van den Brink, Ben Boatwright, and one moderator who is anonymous.

The DustMods have volunteered for the critical but thankless job of moderating the Stardust@home forum. The Berkeley team are very grateful for their dedicated service. They are not here at Berkeley, but are volunteers like you who live quite literally all over the world. Any mistakes that we make here at Berkeley are not the responsibility of the DustMods, so please do not blame them. In fact, we would be very grateful if you would go out of your way to encourage them to keep doing a terrific job — if they get fed up and leave, we’re in trouble!


Special thanks to the following people and organizations for their critical contributions to this project:

This project is funded by grants from the AISR and LARS (formerly SRLIDAP) programs within NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

Amazon Web Services: S3
For hosting all of the project’s image data. Thanks to Rudy Valdez, Dave Barth, and Jeff Barr.

The Planetary Society
For providing website content, media promotion, and preliminary testing of the virtual microscope

Milton Aupperle
For support of Astro IIDC, the software used to capture the focus movies.

Eric Lee
For software consultations

Todd McGill
Original mark 1 website design and Stardust@home logo design.

Website Red Team Reviewers
Courtleigh Cannick, Carl Dobson, Kylie Dobson, Harald U. Frey, Randolf Klein, Igor Ruderman, Jaan Lepson