Interstellar Candidates

Here is a list of “midnight” tracks found so far. These tracks point towards 12 o’clock if you imagine the Stardust collector as a clock. This is the direction of the interstellar dust stream.

Impacts in the midnight direction can also caused by debris from the Stardust spacecraft’s Sample Return Capsule lid. To tell spacecraft and cosmic particles apart, we must extract the particles in their aerogel tracks and analyze their chemistry.

Impact tracks that have been extracted have a Sample Number assigned by the curator at Johnson Space Center, for example the track identified in 7663035V1 was extracted and numbered I1043,1,30,0,0.

The first finder is the Duster with the first recorded click on a focus movie that contains a candidate track. We invite first finders to name their particles, for example I1043,1,30,0,0 is “Orion”. We verify first finders manually because some tracks appear in more than one focus movie.

Hylabrook, Orion and Sorok are Level 2 interstellar candidates, which means not only do they have a trajectory consistent with the interstellar dust stream (they are midnight tracks), but we have also verified that they are extraterrestrial. The default order of the midnight tracks listed below is first the tracks that have been extracted, analyzed, and assessed for interstellar origin at the top of the list, followed by tracks waiting to be processed in this manner (in no particular order). Analysis findings and other details on these tracks (if known), can be found by clicking on the track number in the first column.


Midnight Tracks

VMDescriptionFirst Finder
7663035V1I1043,1,30,0,0 “Orion” Level 2 Interstellar Candidatedukenukem
1203103V1I1047,1,34,0,0 “Hylabrook” Level 2 Interstellar Candidatenaomiw
6456169V1I1003,1,40,0,0 “Sorok” Level 2 Interstellar Candidatenot in Stardust@home
862370V1I1004,1,2,0,0 likely anthropogenic.:Antares:.
3914098V1 I1060,1,28,0,0 spacecraftauggienanz
8894764V1 I1059,2,29,0,0 spacecraft Al metalrkmyers
2205922V1 I1032,2,35,0,0 spacecraft Al metalcorkscrew
3160814V1 I1092,1,37,0,0 "Merlin" spacecraft mylarPatrickFOUGERAY
4359211V1 I1092,2,38,0,0 spacecraft Al metalKevin A Courtney
5599106V1 I1017,1,39,0,0 spacecraft Al metalfbacon
5848045V1 I1097,1,41,0,0 spacecraft Al metalntime60
5484077V1 I1048,1,42,0,0 spacecraft Al metal
1753822V1 midnight trackDeanLoewen
3306898V1 two 12:30 trackscaprarom
287281V1 possible midnight track, Tile I1028burke3265
2693541V1 possible midnight trackThomas
3403524V1 possible midnight track
4865268V1 possible midnight track
6573614V1 possible midnight track
880603V1 possible midnight track
5940859V1 possible midnight track
2597455V1 possible midnight track
5419253V1 possible midnight track
3154518V1 possible midnight track
3083003V1 possible midnight track
6987890V1 possible midnight track
3091758V1 possible midnight track
7757027V1 possible midnight track
7640104V1 possible midnight track
8606950V1 possible midnight track
288751V1 possible midnight track
3964782V1 possible midnight track, Tile I1044, lostdukenukem
3109759V1 possible track, Tile I1013, tile brokentiburd
287281V1 midnight trackburke3265
9834319V1 1:30 trackCFreeze79
6065723V1 1:30 trackJHeath
3689408V1 midnight trackntime60
4057177V1 1 o'clock trackymlglmy
4065507V1 1:30 trackgreuti
2504089V1 midnight track (1 o'clock)caprarom
5954720V1 midnight track or fiducialKevin A Courtney
9244210V1 midnight track or fiducialStarider
4609723V1 midnight track or fiducialvoyager1682002
6921311V1 midnight track or fiducialSG-1 ≈
7272760V1 midnight trackPatrickFOUGERAY
416821V1 midnight track at bottom of screenTom Yahnke, Sr
4556149V1 midnight trackStarider
6296048V1 11 o'clock swarmTom Yahnke, Sr
1588601V1 midnight trackzioriga
9237234V1 midnight track or fiducialGex
8127018V1 midnight track or fiducialPatrickFOUGERAY
6448173V1 1 o'clock track high speedvoyager1682002
7296226V1 11 o'clock track high speedlaracroft
7559409V1 1:30 high speedRonald C. Spencer
9840300V1 10:30 tracklaserphil
4036583V1 midnight track, high speedstoke
5600970V1 1 o'clock track high speedid
4899517V1 11 o'clock track high speedRonald C. Spencer
8656869V1 11 o'clock track high speed, dubbedRonald C. Spencer
8993182V1 1 o'clock track high speedlantif
7502265V1 midnight trackedesantra
6996560V1 midnight track or fiducialtritone21
7698693V1 midnight track or fiducialDurangogirl
6982359V1 midnight trackenokh
2904510V1 tiny midnight trackedesantra
9089438V1 midnight trackMcAngus
2278032V1 possible midnight tracksmudger
3821412V1 tiny 1 o'clock trackTom Yahnke, Sr
8503857V1 midnight track?BIGAL
2080317V1 midnight track or fibernilium
109863V1 probable 10:30 trackcaprarom
9534945V1 1:30 trackswesterfield
1510626V1 midnight track?voyager1682002
1513006V1 midnight swarm?enokh
4848414V1 midnight track?antonella
333400V1 12:30 track?enokh
7033043V1 midnight trackO+M=Paperin
2706807V1 midnight track or fiducial, probably not fiducialMarkeyst
577871V1 possible 1:00 trackenokh
183139V1 possible midnight tracknilium
753383V1 vertical track near bottom?Tom Yahnke, Sr
9178639V1 midnight track?voyager1682002
2653609V1 crack or midnight trackMcAngus
113002V1 possible 11:00 track, maybe bad focusmacca
6786447V1 midnight track?AlienSignalSearcher
8900581V1 11 o'clock track?Ronald C. Spencer
5541871V1 midnight track?fjgiie
8029736V1 midnight track?enokh