Skill Score Proposals Runoff

Many thanks to those of you who voted on the doodle poll for the skill scores, many thanks for your patience in this process.

Because we had a tie, we extended the deadline for 10 days, until Nov. 13, to allow more dusters to vote. Rather than making the situation clearer, however, it has made it murkier.

Here are the voting tallies:

Proposal A: 4
Proposal B:  7
Proposal C:  5
Proposal D:  0
Proposal E:  4
Proposal F1:  6
Proposal F2:  6
Proposal G:  7

Proposal F1 is not exclusive to the other proposals, so we consider it accepted.

Four of the competing proposals are so close that they are essentially tied. So we will organize a runoff, with a new poll.

Please vote again, here:

By November 27th, 2011

Thank you!