Future of…….

Regardless of startling new developments in AI, human experts will always be needed to identify interstellar dust captured in the Stardust interstellar dust collector. However, AI presents the opportunities to “high-grade” the image data, eliminating unambiguous empty fields of view, thus making the best use of the time of citizen […]

Foils Phase 2.0.1

We have revamped the foils search with new data. This set of data is from a new tile not seen before in the Virtual Microscope (VM). These 2,442 images have been picked/chosen from analysis of >400,000 using machine learning (ML). Thus, we believe the odds of you seeing something that […]

Site Down June 25 thru 26

The entire Space Science Laboratory  will be having electrical work done Sunday June 25th starting at about 2pm through Monday June 26th. We hope to have all systems online by noon on Monday. Thanks for dusting.

Site is down

Well, it’s sort of down. We use Amazon S3 to host the movie files and that service is having problems. It should be fixed soon but it is out of our control. Here’s a link to Amazon’s status page <>  

Stardust at home-pin

“YAHOOOOO!”  Our new VOLUNTEER DUSTER lapel pin has arrived. Please e-mail me and tell me how many you would like. I’ll send them to you in the following couple days with a note where to send your check and the amount  (Remember to include your address). Your first pin will be $6.00 the […]