Future of…….

Regardless of startling new developments in AI, human experts will always be needed to identify interstellar dust captured in the Stardust interstellar dust collector. However, AI presents the opportunities to “high-grade” the image data, eliminating unambiguous empty fields of view, thus making the best use of the time of citizen […]

Foils Phase 2.0.1

We have revamped the foils search with new data. This set of data is from a new tile not seen before in the Virtual Microscope (VM). These 2,442 images have been picked/chosen from analysis of >400,000 using machine learning (ML). Thus, we believe the odds of you seeing something that […]

Foils Phase 2

We are excited to announce the rollout of Phase 2 for the Stardust@home foils project. For those of you who are new to the community, NASA flew a spacecraft called Stardust which brought back samples of dust from interstellar space. You may want to read about the origins and purpose […]