Third Thursday Telecon – 17 October 2019

For our October 2019 Third Thursday Telecon, we were lucky enough to speak with Dr. Colin Triplett on the research team of NASA’s and SSL’s recently launched Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) mission to study a variety of phenomenon in the ionosphere. You can learn more about ICON at Enjoy!

Third Thursday Telecon – 16 May 2019

For our May 2019 telecon, Stardust’s Dr. Andrew Westphal announces some very exciting news, the type we’ve all been waiting for – the determination of a new, promising interstellar dust candidate! We also welcome and were honored to be joined by some new faces all the way from Greece. Καλως […]

Third Thursday Telecon – 17 January 2019

To kickoff the New Year for our January 2019 Third Thursday Telecon, Stardust@home’s Anna Butterworth presents some analysis on volunteer skill and how that might change our protocols and/or priorities as the project moves forward. Enjoy! Note: For more information about these monthly webinars, including how to participate, please go […]

Third Thursday Telecon – 15 November 2018

For this month’s telecon, we were delighted to be joined by Dr. Bradley De Gregorio from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, who is instrumental to the Stardust@home foils analyses. Through his expert commentary on foil images submitted by our veteran dusters, you’ll hear and see what Dr. De Gregorio believes […]