Monthly Archives: January 2008


We’ve been working out the kinks in picokeystone extraction this week. We have one picokeystone out and mounted for synchrotron work — and it is beautiful! But it was a challenge — everything that could have gone wrong with it did. We machined the tunnels for the micropicklefork at 63 […]

From Stardust@home to Hominid Fossils

The Planetary Society has posted a news story on their website about how projects like SETI@home and Stardust@home have inspired a new version of Citizen Science using the internet. It’s called From Stardust@home to Hominid Fossils: Citizens’ Cyberscience Reshapes Research Landscape

Update from the Cosmic Dust Lab in Houston

Dave (seated) and Zack (standing) Ron (left) and Jack (right) unpacking the flight spare tray Extraction setup on the computer Micromanipulator, arm and needle. The red dot on the micromanipulator head is the laser spot on the retroreflective tape for the safety stop. Close-up of the vertical needle Snapshot of […]


We are going to have about a 4 hours of downtime on Monday January 14th starting at 10 am, (PST). We’ll be doing software updates and network rewiring. Thanks,Stardust at Home Admin