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Welcome to Stardust@home - Phase VI.I

To learn more, including how to participate, please click on the About tab above or on any of the links below under “More Information.” Then join the search by following the Get Started steps found to the left of this page; or after registering, read the latest Stardust@home news in our blog below.

As we move into this next Phase of the project, we want all volunteer “dusters,” both past and present, to know how deeply indebted we are for all their hard work. We recently finished up an especially active round of searching, and thus we are very grateful for the extraordinary efforts of our Phase V dusters, especially those who reached the top 100 in their Power Scores and Skill Scores. To see who they are, please check our list of all top Phase V scores. Thank you one and all. We very much look forward to continuing to work with you on this exciting research!

fillerPower Rank
1. nilium 910500
2. lantif 891505
3. McAngus 773025
4. Ronald C. Spencer 503275
5. Tom Yahnke, Sr 438140
6. caprarom 209920
fillerSkill Rank - Last 100 power movies
1. Harold 1.0000
2. voyager1682002 1.0000
3. caprarom 1.0000
4. enokh 1.0000
5. lprince 1.0000
6. McAngus 1.0000
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:: Stardust@Home Overview

:: Why Interstellar Dust?
:: Aerogel: The "Frozen Smoke"
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