Third Thursday Telecon – 21 June 2018

For June’s Third Thursday (and on the summer solstice no less!), Dr. Andrew Westphal describes some of the new high-end equipment the team is using at the Advanced Light Source at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and how it should improve, and perhaps even speed up, the research. He also provides an overview of the different types of particles we have captured (including what makes them different and how we identify them), the difficulty in and results from analyzing them, and talks briefly about another team’s findings in interstellar research, and how they compare to the Stardust analyses. Finally, please excuse some of the technical difficulties, especially the abrupt ending of this presentation due to the power capabilities of Dr. Westphal’s computer! ; )

Note: For more information about these monthly webinars, including how to participate, please go to the most recent post on the topic in the Stardust@home community forum.