Third Thursday Telecon – 20 April 2017

This month’s telecon is a conversation with Stardust@home’s Dr. Andrew Westphal who provides a brief update (audio only) on the project. Topics include:

  • Recent news on ten interstellar dust candidates that are being extracted and sent to us from NASA’s Johnson Space Center for synchrotron beamline analysis here at UC Berkeley;
  • Why we’d like our volunteers to concentrate on the Foils effort for now;
  • How we might design the next mission for capturing interstellar dust, including making use of NASA’s proposed Deep Space HAB  – a space station in lunar orbit; and
  • Updates on the EyesOnALZ project – including a different approach using team competitions.


Note: There were some audio problems with last month’s recording, but we are working to fix them and will post the recording in some form eventually. For more information about these monthly webinars, including how to participate, please go to the most recent post on the topic in the Stardust@home community forum.