Third *FRIDAY* Telecon – 22 January 2016

Happy New Year Everyone! This month we had to move the presentation to Friday, but the information is still first rate! Listen now (audio only) as  Dr. Andrew Westphal updates everyone on the results so far from Stardust@home’s new Foils search project. He also says a few words about how we’re moving forward on the collaboration with Alzheimer’s researchers who have a plan to use the Stardust@home’s virtual microscope (VM) for a brand new citizen science program. Finally, Dr. Anna Butterworth gives an update on the team’s contributions to the American Geophysical Union’s 2015 Fall Meeting.  As always, it’s all very exciting, so have a listen!

Note: For more information about these monthly webinars, including how to participate, please go to the most recent post on the topic in the Stardust@home community forum.