Stardust@home helps launch new online game to help fight Alzheimer’s!

Thanks to all the amazing dusters who helped launch EyesOnALZ‘s first citizen science project Stall Catchers! The team here is very excited, and the project also just got announced in the Berkeley News. Of course the Stardust@home team never imagined a collaboration such as this. As Dr. Westphal recently put it, “Who would have thought?!” And who knows, it may just end up bringing more people into Stardust@home too.  We hope so!  BTW, the EyesOnALZ project team is running their own Forum, FAQs, etc., so you should probably join that community for future questions and the like. (They even have similar threads like this.) We hope you can participate, and please, tell your friends!

Stall Catchers