Phase I movies…

Many of you have noticed that we have been serving up older, Phase I movies for a few days. Although we know that this may have been frustrating to see familiar movies, it was important, to be sure that we were not missing some “midnight” tracks in the Phase I dataset. (We also know that many of you have the skills to find midnight tracks, but we need to reach the entire dusting audience and make sure all the old movies were looked at as well.) This is because the original data were viewed with calibration movies that, as you know, did not resemble midnight tracks. Thank you for your patience. It is very important that we identify every one of the midnight tracks. We may do this again for a few days at a time from time to time, or we may mix in older movies with new in order to determine detection efficiencies as a function of time. Please bear with us! Stardust@home is not the bottleneck in our overall ISPE project.

We have now switched back to serving up the newer movies. We are also in the process of uploading new scan data to the server. We will post to this blog when we have new movies up and available.

Thank you for your help!
Andrew Westphal
Stardust@home Director