Nikie Ryan—Nikita

This latest dust bowl post is from duster Nikie Ryan (aka Nikita). Here is why she wanted to share this video with us, and all of you!:

“Until this year, I have worked as a substitute teacher. Last fall, I went into a 5th grade classroom and opened the science book. On the side of the teacher’s manual is expanded information, and in this case it was about citizen scientists and the example was Stardust@home! I was thrilled to be able to tell the class that I was there, I was one of the first and we proved that if you ask the world, the world will reply.

Over the years, I have given several presentations to the kiddos about what citizen scientists do and let them know that they can make a difference, even at their age. My oldest son was a duster when he was in 5th grade.

I have heard back from a few of the kids that they are now involved with citizen scientist projects. It has been an honor to be able to tell the kids that volunteering can be fun and very important for research and their own careers.”

Please watch the video below to find out more.

Thanks Nikie, we really enjoyed watching this and are so honored you are part of the project!

The Stardust@home Team