New site organization

Welcome to the latest version of Stardust@home! For returning volunteers, we’ll be calling this Phase VII. Please explore the new home and other information pages where you’ll find a few new features. Some of these features are meant to help you become better at finding stardust. We hope you like them. Otherwise, nothing has really changed in the Virtual Microscope (aka VM), and if you prefer, you can login and begin dusting. Anyone new to Stardust@home should go to get started. Please note, as with any reorganization of a website, some things you were used to seeing will be missing, others will most likely be buggy or even broken, and some information may even be plain wrong. If you find anything you don’t like or don’t understand, please let us know.

Thank you for joining us, veteran dusters and new project volunteers alike.  Happy dusting!

The Stardust@home Project Team