Here's help for SEARCH

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Here's help for SEARCH

Post by DustBuster »

Some users have commented on how unfriendly the forum 'search' feature is- I agree; and went looking for some help. A user (ZoliveR) at the vendor's website had this suggestion:

The search engine, used advisedly, can really be used to find what you need.

Here are some easy ways for better helping you to use it

Initially try to enter words. No numbers of nor special characters.
Then, don't use words like a, the, this, that, phpBB, and/or other words frequently found. {for our purposes, leave out words like track, movie, focus, dust, etc. and try to use other words that may be with the term.}

Another tip, very significant. When you enter several words, don't forget to activate the option Search for all terms
Because this option search for all topics containing all the words which you entered

The other option seeks for all the topics containing "at least" one of the words which you entered

I hope that this topic help you to better search.

Some other tips I have picked up along the way:
Use AND, OR and NOT whenever possible (explained on the search page).
When you open one of the pages found, the terms you entered will appear in orange in the posts to aid in locating them.
Most browsers have a "find on this page" feature (in the "Edit" menu in IE or Cntl+F) that will help you quickly search for the terms on the page.

I know that isn't much, Google could probably find it faster (my tip #4)

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Re: Here's help for SEARCH

Post by icebike »

DustBuster wrote: e.

I know that isn't much, Google could probably find it faster (my tip #4)

And google is blindly fast.
Use a search something like this:

cute funny site:
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