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Hi Dusters,

My thoughts and or remarks and some help with viewing the movies!!!

1...From the test and calibration movies, the track is very easy to see!
But, it seems that the real movies do not have enough focus to get that pronounced track circle and if any track, it is very small???
2...Due to the eneven surface of the gel,,,when you view a movie, you have to keep moving the scale up and down, for each part of the movie,
and look at each part of the movie in all sections, that change the focus in each section on the pic...
3...Yes, you get many repeats of the same movie and many calibration movies to keep you awake and your eyes going bad!!!
4...I have not seen a real movie track as yet that is really pronounced as the big, noticable track from the samples!!! The ones I found are, or think I found are really, really small changes in the surface!!!
5...Yes, I think the ones with the big scores are just going for points and not doing this project justice, cause your score does not change for saying or hitting BAD FOCUS??? Does get added to movies viewed!!!
5...May be me, but most movies do not seem to have enough focus to go below the surface!!!???

Agree or do not agree???

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