Wearing eyeglasses

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Wearing eyeglasses

Post by benj1989 »

I just tried to find tracks with my glasses,
I need them for far,
but I failed at a calibration,
never failed before,
does the glasses have a negative influence?
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Post by Nikita »

Well, it depends on your eye problem. I found that even though my problem is farsighted, I'm better off without my glasses.

However, I do use it as an excuse when I make an error. :)
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Post by MDG »

Hi Benj1989,

I had a lens implant in my left eye so I'm farsighted in the left while still shortsighted in the right - I have to wear glasses, I've had no problem at all with the VM. But you should stick with whatever is comfortable for you and doesn't cause any strain on your eyes. :)

Enjoy your dusting!

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Post by fjgiie »

Hi (fellow) stardust track searchers,
I use three pairs of glasses. The trifocal is for when I lean back. The reading is for 18 inches away. Then if I need to check a possible track, I bring out a pair of magnifying glasses.

Do not abuse your eyes though. Take some breaks every two or three
days. :oops: :D

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