Do you have a relevant professional backgound?

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Are you (training as) a professional scientist in a field relevant to the Stardust mission?

Yes: exact science (physics, chemistry,...)
Yes: applied science (engineering,...)
Yes: other (please specify)
Not sure (yet)
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Nicki Mennekens
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Do you have a relevant professional backgound?

Post by Nicki Mennekens »

More than the specific educational level of participants, it would perhaps also be interesting to be aware of their professional background. Therefore, the question is whether your current or future profession is somehow related to the mission.


Nicki Mennekens - B.Sc. in Physics
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Post by Sundevil »

I am a computer/software engineer. I want to see how the software works and if they can successfully serve out and step through all of the movies.
Sun Tzu II
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Post by Sun Tzu II »

I'm a student trying to nail that B.Sc Nanotechnology. Nothing to do with dusting here.

Just interested in astronomy (and burn those buring hours when I'm fed up with my textbooks.)
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Post by Leah »


I,m a teacher and I teach digital photography, digital video editing, a course Digital Design and Imaging which includes Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and basic animated gifs. Star gazing is a hobby. Can't see much in NJ, but we camp in the Catskills, great place to star gaze.
Laika a rolling stone
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Post by Leah »

WOW, polls are springing up all over......

Do you prefer beer or wine?

Watch out I bet the winos win.... :lol: :P :shock: :twisted: :arrow: :wink:
Laika a rolling stone
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Post by simon »

just a student who's very interested in Astro and space exploration.
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Post by DustBuster »

I guess I'm in league with the Devil.... uh, SunDevil that is- I have a computer and web development background but I am intrigued by all aspects of the project.
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Post by Boots »

Definitely life skills........... :lol: :lol:
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Post by Lollia »

I guess my degree has nothing to do with this particular search, but I need to keep my mind open to other aspects of life.
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Aquila Hawk
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I'm a Geology (BS) major right now with about a year left. I have a background in geochemestry, mineralogy, and petrology.
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Post by joecor99 »

I have operated mainframe computers for about 34 years. I have always had a love for science. At age six, after I got my first library card, the first book I ever checked out was on astronomy. I learned the names of the 9 known planets from that book. :)
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Post by triphd »

I'm an IT-Consultant and Network Administrator. I've been interested in anything to do with space since I got my library card at the tender age of 5 and was really hooked the same year (1975) after watching the Apollo Soyuz docking on TV. So I guess this "qualifies" me to participate in a project like this :wink:
But last month I also started a Bachelors Degree (Distance Learning) in Geosciences at the Open University in the UK that can be directed towards Planetary Sciences. At the monment this is more of a hobby, but who knows.... :wink:
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Sort of related experience . . .

Post by dangermite »

I have a BS and MA in Physics, and am working on a PhD in Biophysics. I owrked as a polymer physicist for a couple of years.
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Post by bwood »

future airforce piolot
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Post by robinr123 »

I'm a design engineer for a fiber optics manufacturer
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