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Keith Stanley
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Post by Keith Stanley »

Evening/afternoon to all you folks....

Good to be here with Stardust at long last!

I don't know about you...but it's getting addictive....


Gotta to find some Cosmic(Maaaaan)dust
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Post by Bradamon »


I´m a astrophysics studient from Spain. This is a great proyect! We are doing something important. It is a shame that Carl Sagan is no far here to see all of this, he would love this proyect. :)
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Post by marco »


Just a quick intro. Dutch amateur astronomer, 36, PhD in archaeology, big interest in dust, meteoric dust mainly so far (even looked for it under the microscope - and found it!- as well as observing it as meteors: have a number of scientific papers (co-)authored on meteors).

Previous to Stardust I was involved as a volunteer CCD-plate reviewer in the now defunct Spacewatch FMO-project: inspecting plates shot by te 0.9 meter Steward Obs. Spacewatch telescope for Near Earth Asteroids. I discovered one, 2005GG81.

There are a number of ex- FMOP members on here actually, we quite massively jumped to this project after the FMOP stopped.
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Post by Sharqua »


Good to see you again!

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Post by cal »

Hi all :D

My names Cal, I live near Manchester in England. I'm a signwriter, luckily self employed as I'm spending most of my time looking for dust :D
Loving the project and am really pleased to be involved, thanks for the great opportunity :D

Cal :O)
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Post by Notchweed »

Hi all! I'm a student in the field of electrical&computer engineering. I've always had a thing for astrophysics. I'm currently studying like crazy to pass all those courses I've taken this year (more than a dozen - I hope I'll manage at least half of them), since my exams start in three weeks or so. Still, I try to find some time for this project - the whole concept is really exciting! :D

If I do find a particle, I think I'll name it after my current love interest :oops: :P
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Post by DustBuster »

Notchweed wrote:

If I do find a particle, I think I'll name it after my current love interest :oops: :P
Me too. Particle "Doughnut" is on the way!
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Post by voyager1682002 »

Goodday everyone,

I would like to introduce myself again, as you see I have wander away from the track a bit, I posted my greeting somewhere else, :oops:

I am from Singapore, and I am very happy to be one of the dust hunters.
I love astronomy, cosmology ... and if I had the money I would love to be a space tourist.
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Hello everyone :)

Post by crabbie »

I posted a hello somewhere else too then I found this thread. I'm 26 and from northeast england where I spend my days playing mining space rocks on Eve Online and now searching for REAL space dust in a separate window :D
Where do I sign up to the Mars Program?
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Post by SLWH »

Hello, I'm from the New Forest in England and I'm very pleased to I have the opportunity to participate in this project. I found out about it from the BBC mag 'Sky at Night'. Does anyone in any other country know about Sir Patrick Moore who writes for this mag? He's a real character and has been reporting as an amatuer astronomer since before I was born. If anyone out there knows him, say hello from me!
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Post by restlesscheese »

Hello all!

I'm from Virginia, USA. I've always been a sci-fi fan, so anything to help futher the study of astronomy is my cup of tea! I'll be starting college in a month, so this is also a way to keep me from getting bored stiff over the summer. :D This is so cool!
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Post by plasmadon »

Hello everyone,
My name is Donald, living in the Northeast USA.
I received a good portion of physics, math & astronomy throughout my university studies, and continued it, formally, in the U.S.Navy. I got into cosmology and the like once I could spend more of my freetime after retirement.
I 'enjoy' reflecting on the wonders of the cosmos with the oftimes interesting spices of what various mystical ideas & contemplations sprinkle into the mix of our (my) attempts of understanding its nature and savoring beauty.

Anyway, it is very nice to finally be 'here'.

Now, back to work for me.
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Post by petterip »

Yo. Been a science and astronomy hobbyist since I was able to connect a two pieces of Lego blocks together, here I find myself at my starting 30's, looking off- and on-focused images of stuff that resembles a lot of the jelly stuff that you can nowadays find in domestic gel-candles... :shock:

I've participated to Seti@Home since it started and I'm also a member of The Planetary Society.

And, as many of the others here, a fan of sci-fi, too. Arthur C. Clarke is the Grand Old Man and a real visionaire of the technological future we might have ahead of us...

While reading, just chilling out or 'stardusting', I like to listen music of the great artists like Bjorn Lynne, Spacecraft, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream... and the 'modern line' which you may listen to at, not forgetting the really fabulous Bluemars.

In working life, I'm a lot in to systems specification and project management, and have a background in software industry and education, though I'm actually a telecommunications engineer (BSc). Now I'm studying my masters in the field of computer sciences, specializing in software business management (yes, it is a mix of marketing and hard-core computer sciences).

One may find me in Kajaani, province of Kainuu, Finland, Europe. And no, there are no polar bears here :wink: Just casual brown bears... though I haven't had the luck spot any "live", only in the nearest zoo.
While not stardusting, I'd rather be driving with my Alfa.
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Post by Valve »

Hi! Newbie duster and forumite here. I have to agree with the others that dust-gazing is fairly addictive. Nice to meet everyone!
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Post by cczernia »

Greetings to all fellow "stardusters"

Astronomy, archaeology and philosophy have long been fascinations of mine, though professionally I'm a plant evolutionary ecophysiologist. Currently finishing off my M.Sc...many years to go before the elusive tenure track position. ;) I find this a most welcome distraction. Glad to see so many people enthusiastically involved.

Bon chance!

nous recherchons la connaissance profonde
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