Zoom 'tool' = wrong answer on calib# 7998382V1?

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Zoom 'tool' = wrong answer on calib# 7998382V1?

Post by Belinda »

I Have just started using a zoom tool in firefox, to try and pick up any small tracks, but the first time I used and clicked on a track I got a 'wrong' result (my first - not happy!) is it possible that this is caused by the zoom tool?

what other methods do people use to maximise the view window? I am reluctant to change the resolution of my pc as I tend to flick between different apps to reduce fatigue. (ie I will do some photoshop, then emailing, then stardust, then browsing etc).
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Post by gamalmfalyii »

if you can, try to keep your monitor in the area of 1024x768. I've found at that resolution I can see just enough as I needed and I can properly identify any possible would be tracks or obvious man made tracks in the calibration movies. You'll become accustomed to it but I don't think zooming tools would help you, it seems as if the zooming tools would just bring the slides into an odd focus.

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Post by DustBuster »

What works best for me is the biggest I can fit the movie in my browser window. I stay at 32-bit color but set res to 800X600 (and I switch back to normal after every session... even for the forum). I do have to click the scroll wheel a couple notches after each movie loads, but it's worth it!

Another tip is to turn up the brightness on your moniter.
Make sure there is absolutely NO glare on the screen from nearby windows, etc.

And of course, the regular stuff:
When you are in your rhythm, take deep breaths at regular intervals.
Practice good posture and always be aware of your mouse wrist position.
Pace yourself with regular physical breaks every 20 minutes for at least 10 mins rest with some stretching. Rest your eyes and avert your focus to things at different distances in the room/out the window every 10 minutes for at least 1 minute.
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Post by mwhiz »

aka carpal tunnel? :D
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