Where to find answers about Stardust@home

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Where to find answers about Stardust@home

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Where Can I find information about Stardust@home and read news updates?

The Planetary Society work in close collaboration with the UC Berkeley team to bring you news and answers to frequently asked questions about the Stardust@home project
http://www.planetary.org/programs/proje ... facts.html

Check out our own news updates

The Stardust website has a wealth of mission information and regular updates (there's even a picture of some of the Stardust science team at a recent workshop - spot Stardust@home's Director, Andrew Westphal, on the right, 3rd row from back)

We will post bulletins on this Announcements forum, including aerogel scanning milestones in the lead up to VM launch.

Where can I get help with the Virtual Microscope?

Read the Technical FAQ page for an overview of the system requirements

Most problems with the Virtual Microscope are browser specific to your own local settings.
Check the Virtual microscope support forum for people who may have found similar issues and fixes.
http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... um.php?f=3
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