Hi to all Dusters!

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Hi to all Dusters!

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I would like to thank Mr.Dan for adding me to this community board while taking the chance to say Hi to you all! I am very happy with this experience! every time i discover a track and see everyone else from the team clicked and we all like 35 or more on the same page! then that comment that its a fiducial mark, makes my whole day!! It is such amazing how we can connect to our space and be part of its explorations we often look for big things in life big images but when we focus up and down we get to see beautiful tiny things just so close than we could have ever imagined!

Really this is amazing! I do not ever remember spending hours in the computer and actually enjoying without feeling its been hours ! looking for tiny stuff like this dust tracks. I am honored to participate in this project and help our planet maybe we can have some more answers about our Space exploration origins of our solar system and so on . Other stuff i volunteering for in similar scope " Tiny stuff " beside this project is National park Services , United states Geological Survey here in Atlanta Georgia looking also for tiny stuff as well but not in outer space on earth water samples :P all protect our planet inside and out :)

You all have a good dusting experience and hope we all come out with some cool discoveries on the long run!

Titrit EL
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