What will you name it?

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Post by MDG »

I've been thinking about this since this thread started, my first one will called "Hawking" after Prof.Stephen Hawking - I'll worry about the other names later. :lol: :lol:

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Post by Trev_lite »

i can think of 10 (not in this order)

Diablo: lord of terorr
Baal: lord of destruction
Mephisto: lord of hatred
0x4e20 (its hexidecimal)
Holy Bartender (joke for friend if it gets in the news)
Eastern sun
Trev_lite_lite (lite version of Trev_lite)
Autistic kids united (i'm autistic and i'm not mute or dumb; i'm the ouposite even if i can't spell)
The golden compass (for the reference to dust LOL)

and other funny names. i hope i can find lots of particles so i can run out of names

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Peter Borah
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Post by Peter Borah »

This is an interesting exercise. The temptation to name it after yourself or some sort of "inside joke" would be strong. If I avoided the temptation I'd probably name it after something I like in literature or politics. Like:



My dad would want me to name it Bob. I probably would.
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Post by Nikita »

I think of the Looney Tunes cartoon with the monster and Daffy Duck :
"And I will name him George, and I would love him and squeeze him and pat him on the head." :lol:

Ok, I hope I'm not the only one who remembered that and thought it was funny....
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Post by Logan »

I would call it Canada_602 because I love my country, and 602 is my favourite number.

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Post by Luke »

I would name it after my little brother, who died a few years back. He loved everything having to do with space research and exploration but never got a chance to follow through on his dreams, so this would be a neat remembrance/tribute for him if I'm lucky enough to find one.
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Post by Merovingian »

I'd probably name particles after my family, friends, people that I admire, etc.

It's nice that they would let people do that. :)
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Bernard Quatermass
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What will you name it?

Post by Bernard Quatermass »

It'll have to be called "The Quatermass Particle" subject to Nigel Kneale's approval. That ought to put the fear of God into everyone!
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Re: What will you name it?

Post by msf413 »

I didn't read all the other suggestions, so apologies if this is a dupe name, but I think I'll go with Stardust-Prime if it's the first one found... either that or Onomatopoeia... I always liked that word...
And if I find a baker's dozen, the two above and:

..... okay, not a baker's dozen, but I want to get back to the java-scope.
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Post by Crystallize »

Aaron ! Image

// Edit !

And here's a family picture, both Aaron and Josephine ! :lol:

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Post by Louis Wu »

Billy the Mountain...


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Post by mwhiz »

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Naming rules/limitations

Post by leshalfhill »

If I am overlooking this subject in another area, please point me to it, but I've searched, and I don't see any rules on what we CAN name a find, or limitations on what we CAN'T name them.

SOME limits would seem self-evident (profanity, copyrighted names, etc). But a clear delineation from the "officials" here seems appropriate.
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Post by DustBuster »

I can't find the specific link now- but as I recall, the primary requirment is that the name cannot be offensive or vulgar in any way.
I will keep my eye out- there is a link to the information SOMEWHERE in the forum, I just need a bigger fishing pole I think!
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Re: Naming rules/limitations

Post by KarMann »

leshalfhill wrote:SOME limits would seem self-evident (profanity, copyrighted names, etc). But a clear delineation from the "officials" here seems appropriate.
Technically, you can't copyright a name. You can only trademark it.
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