"real 11126N" movies in Events

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"real 11126N" movies in Events

Post by SmithES »

Hey, I hope the Staff lets us know what the "real 11126N" notations that appear in our "Events," are all about. I must have hundreds of them! Some are beside the movies in which Staff has inserted craters. Others are beside movies in which I think I've found a crater. I'm guessing that the "real 11126N" notations may affect our rating? Curious. Evelyn (ERSTRS, SmithES)
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Re: "real 11126N" movies in Events

Post by DanZ »

Thanks for reporting Evelyn. I talked to Robert today and he mentioned something along these lines, but let me see if I can get him to explain or at least report he's aware of the problem! Stay tuned. Dan
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