Meteorite Men

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Meteorite Men

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Yesterday I was watching a new television show called 'Meteorite Men' which is about 2 guys travelling the world searching for meteorites that have fallen on Earth. It’s an interesting TV show, nothing too complicated and you get to learn a few things here and there. (I watched it from website... people outside of Canada might not be able to watch it from there).

Anyway, near the end of this episode (season 1 episode 3 I think), they were speaking to a meteorite expert about the fact that sometimes meteorites completely disintegrates before reaching the planet's surface.

I recognized the expert right away; it was Mike Zolensky who is pictured in the latest blog post when they were gathering samples from the Stardust return capsule. I noticed that he was wearing a Stardust polo shirt during this interview and I thought this was really cool!

I wish that I could buy one of those Stardust shirts somewhere but was unable to find one, however I did find several different 'Stardust NeXT' shirts on the Caltech store page. I might actually buy one of those.


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