Latest Phase IV Science Update

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Latest Phase IV Science Update

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Thought you'd like a little update on the Stardust science in Phase IV (P4) to start off 2012. Here's what I've been told:

"[Dr. Westphal has] gone through the P4 Alpha list and discovered a dozen or so new tracks [we announced 71 tracks in total Nov 28th here]. Our next job is to go through them and prioritize those for extraction and add them to the candidates page. Tracks can only be extracted from tiles that have been removed from the Collector in JSC [Johnson Space Center]. From S@H detection we have multi-step processes of extraction, undertaken with utmost care, before we get tracks ready for synchrotron x-ray analyses."

So, whether you feel it or not, your hard work is still paying off and we can't thank you enough!

Also, I know some of you like to see new movies in the VM as often as possible. That too is a slow process, but here's the latest update on that:

"As to new data, we have one tile here in Berkeley to scan, which was causing [the team] some problems. [We'll need] to spend some time on it after the LPSC [annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference] abstract deadline (next Tuesday). The other extracted tiles waiting to be scanned must be done in JSC because they are cracked and appear to be too fragile to ship here [to Berkeley]. Hopefully we'll get those data before too long."

Okay, that's all I know at the moment. But as new info is made known to me, I will do my best to keep you posted.

All the best!

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