Again, what is happening with this project?

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Chuck Crisler
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Again, what is happening with this project?

Post by Chuck Crisler »

I have been slowly plodding away, and I do mean slowly. Yet I continue to rise in the top 100 standings. I recently passed someone whose score didn't change over several weeks. The score of the person behind me also hasn't changed in a long time. Looking forward it seems that the scores of the next 6-8 people ahead of me also aren't changing. How many different people, on average, view at least 10 movies a week? I try to do 50-100 real movies per day, 5-6 days per week. I have found that as difficult as Orion is to see, I am afraid of trying to go too fast and compromise my (rather pathetic anyway) quality.

Chuck Crisler
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Re: Again, what is happening with this project?

Post by DanZ »

Hi Chuck,

We can do a check at anytime to see who's dusting (currently just one person at this very late hour), but I also see from a little program we developed that "62 users have dusted during the last 30 days." That's all I can tell you at the moment. For more, hopefully other dusters will chime in with their own stats (or John will post something clever he's developed).

However, we're going to be launching a new Phase soon that we hope will provide an improved scoring scheme that also emphasizes careful searching. I''ll be looking forward to everyone's feedback once it's live (which shouldn't be too much longer from now).

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Re: Again, what is happening with this project?

Post by jsmaje »


Having just updated SDTop100 today, I can confirm that only 62 of the top 100 dusters have been active over the last week, many of the remaining 38 having been inactive for quite some time.
Given Dan’s independent figure above that "62 users have dusted during the last 30 days", which I take to include all ‘users’, implies it’s simply those active in the top 100 alone who are keeping the boat afloat. A far cry from the repeatedly-published boast of 27,000+ participants (which is simply the number of folk who have ever signed up at some point since the start nearly 5 years ago, regardless of continued contribution).

Overall scoring has nevertheless remained fairly stable over the last 7 months, but largely due to the usual few zealous individuals (plus relatively recent entrants SD-1 A, and DJ Courtney – any relation to long-term no.1 Kevin A Courtney I wonder?)

To satisfy Dan’s expectation that “John will post something clever he's developed”, the graphs regarding the log-log rank/score slope (& whether Zipf-Mandelbrot in nature or not) have shown interesting trends in this regard, for which he’ll have to wait until I have the time!

I'd love to know what the ratio between score & verified candidates may be for each participant. The problem is that the verification process lags so far behind, so we can never be quite sure how we’re doing regarding ‘real’ movies as opposed to just CMs.

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