Collecting Page Errors in IE-8

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Collecting Page Errors in IE-8

Post by KevinACourtney »

Hi There!... I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this problem with IE-8, but if there is a fix, it would be very helpful.
With each new movie, I get a message in the Status Bar at the bottom..."Done...but with errors on the page"
The info I can get on the error reads: "Message: 'autoscanbotid' is undefined
Line: 180
Char: 6
Code: 0
URI: ... rds=?-1,-1"
After dusting for a while, I need to shut down & restart IE-8, or it becomes erratic.
Is there an address for movies without the autoscan button? Or if not, maybe someone could have a quick look
and see if anything can be done, or make a recommendation?
Many Thanks!
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Re: Collecting Page Errors in IE-8

Post by caprarom »

I can't offer any help, Kevin, but I've experienced no such problem. Good luck getting it resolved soon.

Mike C.
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Re: Collecting Page Errors in IE-8

Post by DanZ »

Hi Kevin,

I've asked our techs for their thoughts and will get back to you.

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