Adjacent / overlapping movies

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Adjacent / overlapping movies

Post by jsmaje »

Dan, having previously asked whether we could be shown the relevant adjacent/overlapping movie[s] to 6263991V1, it’s almost a month since you replied: ‘I'm trying to get these for you’.

Any luck so far in that regard?
If it is possible, I’d also like to see those relating to 8294030V1, and to know whether, on request, it would be possible in general for any particular movie (I rather suspect not, given the team’s priorities and limited time).

Going by greuti’s example, it looks like the horizontal/vertical overlaps could be anywhere between 55 & 20%.
I imagine there must be a set format for the scanning-grid layout. If such information is already available on this site, then I’ve missed it, but, if not, can it be found in any of your published documents? Only out of idle interest!

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Re: Adjacent / overlapping movies

Post by DanZ »

Hi John,

Well what do you know, this time around the tech found your post before I did, and is in fact working on solutions (so that we could answer for any movie). Unfortunately, he needs info from others who are currently on travel. But we'll get you something sooner or later. Thank you for your patience.

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