The Stardust That We Are

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The Stardust That We Are

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On a clear, cold, winter's night, have you ever gazed up at the endless sky? Away from the frenzy of the city and its glare, alone, just you and your universe, have you felt that fleeting feeling in the pit of your stomach, that intimation that the constellations are calling you home? It has brought me to tears.

The immensity of our universe can overwhelm us at times like this, when we take that moment that, if we are at all sensitive, leaves us breathless and in awe of something so measureless. Our narrow projections, just for one passing moment, dissolve like so much stardust blowing in the wind.

But in that moment, and they are rare in our lives, perhaps our hearts take an turn that somehow changes us, and suddenly we know, in our hearts of hearts, that the stars and us are one. We are but the dust of stars sprinkled on the earth to dance awhile before we return to our destiny.

This tiny planet earth that we call home is nestled in orbit around a medium sized star called the sun. In days past we worshiped our sun as a God. We do that with things we don't understand. That was when the earth was still the center of the universe, in our minds, because everything seemed to revolve around us.

The earth was flat then, because we could not comprehend anything that didn't have a beginning and an end, and surely if we walked far enough, we would fall off the edge.

But now we know that our sun is not a God, only a ball of nuclear fire that began as a clump of gaseous elements that condensed into a fiery reaction, spewing off arms of materials that eventually became our solar system, and our earth. And therefore our earth is of the sun, of a star, and we in turn are of the earth, the elements of the earth, that just yesterday was stardust.
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