Where are the signed up members from?

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Re: Where are the signed up members from?

Post by Puddock »

Thanks for the welcome Dan - only just noticed your kind reply. I am delighted to hear that there are still so many active dusters and will immediately give more time to my own dusting...is the aerogel still the place to focus? I see there's dusting of the foils going on too - where would you suggest I should concentrate?
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Re: Where are the signed up members from?

Post by DanZ »

Hi Puddock,

As always, sorry for the late reply. But I think I'll be a little more active now that some other stuff is out of the way. In any case, you ask a great question! A month ago, I would still have said search Foils as the top priority. Now, I'm not sure since our experiments with machine learning (ML) are really going well - see video here. I believe it's still Foils, and certainly we don't want people not to search Foils, but is it still the priority? I'm going to ping the team and get back to you, so please stay tuned!

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