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Post by Nikita »

Hi Cthiker,

That's about where I was. Glad to here we were thinking about the same!

I haven't been worried about too high, unless it is obvious that the surface is above the movie. I figured the higher the surface is, the more depth and as long as everything loks like usual, that good. Right?!?

I have had a high count of out of focus as well. I was worried that I was being picky.

Thanks for your help and good luck dusting to you!
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Post by cthiker »

Nikita - Glad to be of help...that's the reason the Forum exists, IMHO.

And, yes, I agree about "too high" generally not being a problem. Some movies can't even focus at the surface because it's too high, but so long as nothing is in-focus further down there can't be any tracks (I consider the probability of a lateral track with virtually no depth as so rediculously small as to be impossible). I open myself to all critique by others, however...but that's how I've proceeded thus far.

The only challenge I've found in regard to too-high is making sure that the focus is indeed below, and not above, the surface. Again, my rule is that, so long as whatever is in the movie expands as I move down then I consider it above (when coming into focus on an object from above it shrinks, but when going beyond its focus it expands - learned that from my telescope!).

All the best!
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Issue #3

Post by farpung »

It would be nice if we had a button to press when two movies are combined. I found this on 20447A, and I have only viewed 24 movies!
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Spot on lens?

Post by farpung »

On movie ... e_id=42006;
and many others, there is a spot on the top edge towards the right. It doesn't change at all as you focus in and out. The first time I saw this I marked it as a possible track, but I have now seen it in numerous movies so I conclude it is a spot on the camera lens. Some warning about this phenomenon in the tutorial would prevent some false positives.
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Stardust@home Team
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Post by bmendez »

Actually, that speck of dust in the microscope optics has been pointed out several times here in the message board, on the web pages help section, and it in tutorial page #6.

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Post by Usher73 »

Issue #3, two movies in one,

Movie IDs: 29632B, 34202A
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Post by LeeRyder »

Past 2 days now, have only seen one "real" movie.

Not sure what is going on, but every other movie now has that
You have reached this page via an unusual route, possibly by pressing the "back" button on your browser. So your answer on this movie won't be counted.
text too. my rank is not either raising or lowering as expected as well considering that I am (out of the last 100 or so movies I've watched only one was "real") still getting decent calibration scores.

Kinda frustrating to be "donating" my time to watch neither calibration nor "real" movies :(

my scores are below as of this posting:
Calibration Movies Answered Correctly 95
Calibration Movies Answered Incorrectly 3
Your Overall Score: 92
Total Real Movies Viewed: 218
Your Rank: 673 out of 6334
Specificity: 100%
Sensitivity: 95%
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What's with the calibration movies?

Post by ryanlack »

Can someone give me an explanation of the problems with the calibration movies. I've had a lot more that 50 calibration movies marked incorrect, when they've had obvious tracks. Now it seems that an incorrect calibration selection subtracts 1 from your total score. With this problem I can't make much progress in my score.

Does anyone have an explanation?
Would it be helpful to post a list of the problem movie IDs?
the moon
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Post by the moon »

I clicked on the obvious track in 10494A but got marked wrong for not clicking on the track. Same thing happened once before but I didn't note the movie ID. My score is 146 so it doesn't happen too often.
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Post by Orion_0169 »

I have found a glitch or two with callibration movies (11706B has burned me four times now). I can't imagine 50 incorrect. I've seen a lot of callibration movies. Sounds like what you think are tracks just aren't.
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Incorrectly classified calibration movies

Post by smandla »

Twice today I came across the calibration movie 10516A. It most definitely has a track in it, yet the system says it doesn't.
I posted this observation in the forum (Problems and Support) and found out that others have had the same experience, both with this particular movie as well as others.
Is there any way to fix this problem? If so, would it be helpful to start compiling a list of these mislabelled calibration movies?
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Post by seventhofnine »

I'm getting a problem in calibration movies that get marked as incorrect when they undoubtebly have tracks in them.
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Post by Rojer »

This movie not change frames.
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leeryder I have the same thing, frustrating

Post by Howie »

You have reached this page via an unusual route, possibly by pressing the "back" button on your browser. So your answer on this movie won't be counted.

I agree, how much of some of our work may be useless???
Plus every other screen gets this message even with a for sure track!!!
Don't know if it is recorded or not, because this morning Sat. the fifth at 8 pm edt, the numbers have not changed in 2 hours???

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Think I have possible answer to many problems???

Post by Howie »

I have the latest BETA versions of Latest XP and Explorer Microsoft!!!

I went to my other computer with win 98 SE updated to the latest updates and I do not get the Java problem or the message, Got Here Wrong or went Back!!!

Also, my stats on VM change with each Movie???

But my history page has not updated since yesterday???

I am also going to try viewing on my third computer which is Win 98 SE!!!
Udated to date!!!

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