Download/upload speed

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Download/upload speed

Post by laserphil »

Having recently increased my dsl speed I was wondering if there is any speed restrictions in place on the stardust servers? The problem is that I am still only able to download VM movies at a rate of 2 per minute despite doubling the connection speed. My system memory is only 60% in use and the processor runs at between 30% and 50% so I don't think it is at my PC.
Any help/suggestions please?

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Slow Connection

Post by gregson »

Every time I've been in Oz, the connect speed back to the US has been slow (probably because the ocean's water pressure squeezing the ether a bit too much).

Nevertheless, I find that I consistently get good connect speeds at around 14:00 GMT.
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Re: Slow Connection

Post by jsmaje »

gregson wrote:I find that I consistently get good connect speeds at around 14:00 GMT.
That's because most of Europe is out having a boozy lunch or having a siesta, while most of America has yet to digest its breakfast, and the Eastern rim have already packed off to the sushi/geisha bars.
Just a theory!
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Post by bmendez »


There aren't any restrictions on our server that I am aware of.

Internet speed depends on so many things, it's hard to say where the bottleneck is. Your machine and our machine are only the endpoints of the connection.


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