Change in Movies

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Change in Movies

Post by laserphil »

Has anyone else noted a change in the movies presented over the last 48 hours? There do not appear to be any 100micron -ve CM's and the number of bad focus movies seems to have increased. I have just finished a 2 hour session and I think I saw as many bad focus as good movies!! The +ve CM's also seem to have changed.
I wonder if like Pavlov's dogs we had been conditioned to click every small black spot that came into focus just below the surface????????????

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Post by Pupper »

There are far fewer 100mm movies, but they are still there. I have not noticed any change in the number for bad focus movies.
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Post by Nikita »

Well, unlike the dogs, we aren't getting biscuits when we get it right!
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Post by ergophobic »

From the new Stardust Blog (September 24):

Updating blank calibrations
I'm sorting out the blank calibrations movies (CMs) today.

We didn't have enough good high resolution blank CMs ready in time for Phase 2 launch so we went with the existing low res blanks. They work just fine and we didn't want to delay Phase 2.

Nicole's been checking her way through a stack of 1000 new CMs which are actually high resolution scans taken from scanning the flight spare aerogel at JSC, so we know that there are absolutely no tracks in there. I've gradually been adding them to the live set.

Now I think we have enough high res CMs, I'm turning off the old ones. They've been viewed more than 6000 times each, so I think everyone's sick of them!
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