Shiny Happy Spots きらき&

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Shiny Happy Spots きらき&

Post by Titanium »

What is the cause of something like this: 5350239V1?

I am just curious.

P.S. - Sorry about the title... the forum doesn't like Japanese characters it seems
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Shiny spots

Post by laserphil »

Hi Titanium

I'm not sure if this is correct but they maybe holes in the aerogel which go through to the aluminium backing. As the scans are viewed with reflected light the bare aluminium would give a high reflection compared to the aerogel. This is just my thoughts!

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Post by bmendez »

I'm not speaking here with official knowledge, but I think features like that are most likely highly reflective surface dust on the aerogel. The aerogel is illuminated from above and all those features look like they are right on the surface.

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