Blank page after registration + fail?

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Blank page after registration + fail?

Post by Adrian »

I've just wanted to register myself for an account. But after successfully completing the test and filling out the form, there's just a blank page and nothing happens. I also don't get any mails or anything.

To make sure, I've tried it several times (always passing the test) with IE 6 and Firefox, but there error remained.

Anyone else experiencing these problems? Are they due to the other problems with too many users?
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Post by pixie »

Same here, registered last night after the test and now get a blank page with "error". Hoping it's just temporary, as I couldn't get onto this forum all day either, but managed to about 10mins ago.
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Post by FirstLight »

The same thing happend to me yesterday. I passed the test, filled out the boxes on the next screen and hit "enter". The next page couldn't be found and it appears that none of my info went through. It also appears that I'll have to retake the test. And with the system being so slow today, I guess I'll wait awhile before retrying. It appears that this system cannot handle all of us excited VM reviewers.
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Post by Dreamer »

This happened to me too, but after I did the test the third time, I finally succeded. :D
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Post by annaz »

Test & Register section should work now.

If there are still any further problems, check Tech FAQ first. If you are still having problems, please post to this forum.
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