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23000 ways are a bit overestimated :)

In fact there is only one way to define what a track looks like. Once entered in the aerogel, any particle leaves a tube that is more or less visible in the VM in each picture of the scan that is beneath the surface - down to the particle itself (or its remains).

The higher the angle to the surface the better should it be visible, because of the melted and shattered edge of the track/tube. Means, the more melted aerogel and debris are in the line of sight the more distinctive/darker the track/tube from our view in the VM.

Another feature of a real track/tube is that it keeps its distinctive look over several pictures of the scan. In the VM movies likely in each picture down to the bottom bar.
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Hi greuti;
Of course I refer to the thousands of registered dusters.
Aerogell is refered to as "frozen smoke". What we are searching for is a "frozen shock wave". Your desciption is pretty good to my mind, but there are many dusters who do not have such a clear picture. Even in the early days of the forum, the team tried to "sticky" a thread just for clarifying the picture for new dusters. Unfortunatly, it got very dilluted and confused. Every week there are new forum members who are searching for a better definition, and are faced with confusing examples and opinions.
I worry about the new CMs. I wonder if a clear (mental)picture will be even more difficult.
But then, I always worry too much.
I have met the enemy and he is us.
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