More than just dust...

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More than just dust...

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Now that we've been well entrenched in our dusting, and even though we've yet to achieve any confirmed success(es), I thought it would be interesting to post other searches which have used essentially the same techniques that we have begun to validate here!

Came across this in a trade magazine (InformationWeek), about the search for the famed Microsoft researcher, Jim Gray. He and his crew were lost at sea off the coast of California about 6 months ago, and a UC-Berkeley computer scientist (Dr. Joseph Hellerstein) he worked with came up with the idea of using satellite images to locate is boat, the Tenacious.


Unfortunately, the search was unsuccessful, and his whereabouts are still (as far as I can tell) unknown. :cry: However, a good background and description of the search can be found at... ... =198701579

I think it's important to know that scientific research techniques can, and often do, have applicability to the "real" world - beyond just "Teflon and Tang"! IMHO, the work that we're doing here can set the groundwork for a wide variety of activities that would otherwise be untenable or impossible...even the saving of a human life.

And to Jim Gray, wherever he may be, at least we hope to honor you by proving a tool for that use in the future...and to bid you God Speed on whatever journey you may have taken!
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