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Ok, here we go again and some will say it does not belong here, but, the fact is that your PC in general may be really slowed down, including startup, and more important, viewing movies, so I figure it counts toward slow and so on with movies which are quite consuming memory and space on your PC!

As before I had earthlink and just changed to embarq and as before my PC's slowed down!

Just talked to a rep at embarq and said I have the answer to the problem!!! The new technology out there is going for the best service and he said,,,it is based on a NEW computer today!

So OLD ones, are the slowup! Make a long story short as I have said before!!! Get rid of your IP firewall and virus protection as a start from your internt provider!!!

I just went back to FREE microsofts firewall and back to FREE version of AVG which can handle older PC's!!! Just doubled the speed of my 1 yr. old PC and almost trippled my other 2 PC's!!!

The same thing can be happening with other IP services and you do not realize it!

Let me know if you do it and notice a gigantic change in your PC, if you try it!!!

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