Waiting and waiting...

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Waiting and waiting...

Post by zamphir »

I started this thing pretty early on and I have four that have passed cut 1. I realize you guys are swamped but come on already. Can you prioritize the ones that pass the first round? No reward = no fun.
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Post by Wolter »

I say, just go out and enjoy the sun. Come back once or twice a week for half an hour dusting. Stroll around the forum a bit and chat with the others about the most peculiar things they and you will find in the movies. All in all, just make sure you have fun.

And then.., some day.., suddenly..,
there will be a foto on the homepage of a minute, pristine particle of our universe, for us to admire and for one of us to name.
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Post by mmolvray »

I don't know, Wolter. Judging by that broom you've got, maybe you need to stop every once in a while too .... :D
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