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Post by jovada »

There's probably no way of getting some aerogel here in my home in Belgium? :)
Is it available to the public, or is it something expensive that's custom-made for scientific experiments?

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Re: aerogel

Post by cthiker »

Actually, jovada, there is...

A company called United Nuclear (, which sells chemicals and science kits, has aerogel "chips" available to the public. They're based in the US but I suspect they could ship overseas. The problem with aerogel is that it's very expensive relative to size, so the tiniest pieces (a small tube of roughly 1/2 centimeter cubes) goes for $25 (USD), and that's before shipping!

But, just in case you're still in the market, here's their aerogel site...

Note that there are others that sell aerogel on the Web (just so you know, I have no personal interest in this company), but they sell those little pieces (ie, are affordable). However, you can Google "buy aerogel" to find others.

Hope that helps, and Happy Dusting!!

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