I Have Too Many Events

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I Have Too Many Events

Post by dauphin1974 »

My list of events appears to be much longer than I think it should be. I keep close track of the "Calibration Movie" count and believe I've only clicked on three "candidates", two of which are already listed as "inclusions". All the others have 10 or less "agreements" from other users, and when I go back to review them myself, I see nothing.

I run FireFox and so I don't get the "Please Confirm You Think There's A Track In This Image" button. So, I'm beginning to think there is a bug when the browser has errors loading all the frames of the movie, it pops up a noisy dialog box about "can't load image". When I click OK on that dialog box to make it go away, I think it is submitting that movie as a "candidate". I now have six candidates that I don't remember clicking on and can't see anything I WOULD have clicked on...

I've taken to relocating the noisy dialog box off the screen-area of the movie and clicking OK, or the [X] button to close it to avoid this issue.

Your Mileage May Vary.

-- Michael Tighe (dauphin1974)
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