And now for something totally different.......

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And now for something totally different.......

Post by tim_yoda »

Some 10,000 movies ago, the predominant characteristic of "bad focus" movies was replete with overlapping fractures and wide variations in focus due to lateral deformation. The physical appearence of the aerogell suggests intense gravitational or even- inertial forces at work.

Is there any speculation among the Stardust community regarding how much of the tectonic, or "log-pile" appearence of some collector cells is attributed to the return to earth (or launch to space) aspect of the mission?

When I say return to Earth, i mean the impact of the parachute/capsule on a desert floor before recovery. And the launch aspect, is well, gravitationally affected in the acceleration of the delivery vehicle.
Both events may have had some effect on the sampling media.

My question is -how much?

Tim :)
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Good One!!!

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There's also the issue of whether the out-gassing / in-gassing of aerogel sent and recovered from the vacuum of space might disrupt its structure.
Distortion of the aerogel container wires was certainly noted with the MIR collector:
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