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Post by Darnok »

Sorry, i dont have much time. Look:
"We'd like to invite you to reconnect with SETI@home. Our records show that you've been with SETI@home since 26 January 2006, but it's been 245 days since you last returned a work unit. We want you back, and here's why:"
It's a joke?
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Post by Rojer »

No, not a joke. I have the same letter. :) Because I have not returned a work unit within 172 days.
Wish you can understand my English. :)
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Post by Gamma^Ray »

Seems most if not all Boincers got it, I did too. Its legit, They just want more users crunchin for them. Mine said its be 1 day since you returned a work unit. :lol:
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Post by jsmaje »

Are they getting jealous of StarDust@Home do you think?
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Post by DustBuster »

I don't understand the 'Bug' topic title... but it's being moved to the Community forum since there is no relevance to StarDust@Home.

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Post by Darnok »

Im Polish, and i dont know many words :) sorry for that.
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