"I think I've found a track, what do you think?" A

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Post by Sasari »

The first one is gel.

28841 looked like gel at first since it wasn't a complete ring and looked like it reflected on the side. There isn't a lot in the area to look at to determine if its under th surfaced but after looking at it closer it seems to come into good focus under the surface.

41924 is interesting too. Just looking over it now and I see 4 potential tracks.


Something is weird in general though. Movie IDs 39000-43000 have a lot of these mini tracks. So other something crazy happened in this area or there is some type of contamination.

Or maybe this is just a hidden test where they fired artifical particles into some gel and are making us look at it.
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Post by Betelgeuze »

28841 is again gel, Just zoom up a bit and you can tell it's gel. Kind of amazing so many people are marking gel as a track.
How exactly do you see its gel?
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Post by Sasari »

Hmm yeah actully after reviewing it more it looks like a potential good track. After looking at how it focuses relative to other stuff it does look like something unsder the surface.
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MONSTER globule

Post by astrogaze »

Now here is a beautiful artifact!!

http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... e_id=57222

You can see the globules stuck together forming the 'nuget'.

From Earth me thinks.....anything this size would have smashed through the aerogel.

Still its very tantalizing.

PS How does one know if you are the first to view the movie?

Still dusting...John
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Post by Aga »

Very nice :)
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Post by Orion_0169 »

First to VIEW? No way to know. First to flag?

After flagging a movie, go to your MyEvents tab. You will see a list of movies you have flagged, the number of times it has been viewed, and the number of agreements (#oa) that it should have been flagged. The value in #oa includes you. So if it says one. You are the first.
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Please validate this one

Post by bmaltais »

http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... e_id=41806

This look like a small but real track. Not one of those out of focus one... Lokk at the centre of the movie.

What do you think?
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I marked 39062A, ...

Post by king »

as having a possible track 100 microns from the bottom and about 40 from the left margin.

It's not like the tracks we're trained to spot, but it's definitely a defect in the material that runs diagonally. Our host implores us "Expect the unexpected".

Tell me what you think?

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Post by Gammler »

There are three more to the bottom left. But as for now nobody knows what these are. They are believed to be inclusions in the aerogel but they might be tracks as well. We have to wait until the S@H Team makes an official Statement.
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Post by josemiguel »

nothing for me
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Lone Ranger

Post by josemiguel »

:D :D :D

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Post by mwhiz »

:shock: i'm almost 100% sure this is a calibration movie. keep dusting!
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Post by mdiehl »

I see it and would flag it. It may be one of the "inclusions" we've been told about, but till' then...
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Post by Notchweed »

Yeah but what if you forget to look right away... isn't there a place where you can see the user who first flagged a movie? :?
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Post by Snoopy »

looks like 41x and 42x are quite often hit...
here my flagged ones so far:

http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... e_id=42381
http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... e_id=41778
http://stardustathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/ ... e_id=41640

on the other hand if i do consider what is written here about inclusions in the aerogel, its more likely its something like that. Especially if I think of those statistical calculations how many thousands samples per real hit there will be :)
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