Review: The 2 highest-rated candidates.

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Review: The 2 highest-rated candidates.

Post by DustBuster »

From the latest UPDATE, the following two FOV's contained the highest rated, good candidates for further study.

9471219V1 (let's call this one ALPHA) and
4836732V1 (this one can be BETA)

Examine each one. Did you click it? Did you not click it? Would you or would you not click it? Why?
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Mighty Pete
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Post by Mighty Pete »

Nope never clicked on them... I never got them delivered to me.. I would have clicked them.

Actually I checked them both on a new screen now. I would not have voted for both of them. There both above the surface,, Now on the other hand this movie: ... =8070098V1

Is below the surface and has got a big 3 votes...

I think they'll find that the best fruit comes for low hanging branches... The best movies I've seen here don't really have a lot of votes.
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Post by goldrake »

ALPHA - I would have clicked
BETA - I would have clicked, but there is some other dark structures that reach the focus in the same moment, so I have some doubt in this case.
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Post by pointyhat »

I think I would have classified both these focus movies as bad focus.
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Post by greuti »

They're unrepresented in "my Events". If I remember correctly, I classified ALPHA as bad focus. However, I would have classified both these movies as bad focus, primarily BETA.

And :wink: even I would say the two are no tracks - too heavy circles direct on the surface. They resemble "highly" other usual surface structures.
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Post by Wolter »

Alpha, Yes i would click it, the track focus sharpens when going below surface.
Beta, I did click this one. Given the slanted surface i am less sure about this one.
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Post by lpspieler »

I would have marked A and B as "bad focus".

The two supposed "tracks" come into focus only two or three focus bars before bottom, so one can't see whether they will remain in focus further down.

Additionally, both of them come into focus together with a number of other structures which leads me to the conclusion that we are probably dealing with surface structures. Similar structures that were clearly restricted to the surface can be seen in the training movies as well.
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Post by jsmaje »

I too consider ALPHA and BETA as "bad focus", for the reasons given by others above.

I guess the team will concentrate first on this sort of dense black circle which they have prior experience of, and will get round to other less familiar-looking candidates later - I sure hope they don't ignore their own maxim of 'expect the unexpected'.

If they turn out to be genuine tracks I'd be surprised, but it would be brilliant if they were.
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Post by jcbc »

I don't remember getting them and I would've clicked Bad Focus for both.
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Post by georingo »

I think I would have marked them as "no track" after some consideration.
S Wilson
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Post by S Wilson »

I believe Alpha is proud of the surface. The speck beside it is just coming into focus at the same time. However I would have clicked it as is my habit just to be safe.

Same story for Beta.
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Post by speck »

I would have tagged Alpha but I share the concern that one cannot focus far enough into the gel to be sure the track continues.

I would not have tagged Beta; there are features very close to the "track" that come into focus at the same time. I think that area is a low spot in the gel. Actually, I would have tagged this slide "bad focus" in the hope they would go back and reshoot it for a better look.

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Alpha & Beta

Post by Groundling »

I don’t know if I saw this but it is tempting.
Some might mark the feature at center right, but this is an obvious surface feature when compared to the other evidence.
Another very faint feature might be marked just above and to the left. But if you watch just left of it, and near the top, you will see another equally faint feature come to focus at about the same time. This indicates to me that they are both on a slightly lower surface.

Beta: Extremely tempting.
The feature on the far right, about 1/3 from the bottom looks just like the CMs but is on the same plane as other features including one right next to it. I wish it had a lower focus range.

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the moon
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Post by the moon »

They're obviously both surface features. I don't understand how they even passed the first cut. What are the promising features that they mention in the update? Are they saying we should click any surface object that has the "appearance" of the tracks in the cal movies?
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Post by endust »

My interpretation follows that of "the moon".

On ALPHA there is a speck about 50 microns away at 11 o'clock that comes into focus at te same time as the bubble. I would have interpreted it as sloping gel. Also there is no indication of gel disturbance before you get to the bubble.

Similarly on BETA, the left side is in focus, then the center, then the right side and there are multiple features that come into focus at the same time as the bubble. I would have said...sloping gel.

Depnding on my mood at the timne, I would have hit "no track" or "bad focus" but NOT identified them as tracks. It will be very interesting and important to find out what further investifgation shows
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