Math - just the beginning...

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Math - just the beginning...

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Stardust collector has 1000 sq. centimeters of aerogel (Wikipedia). With 1 movie covering area about 500x400 microns there are 500k movies to check by volunteers.

There are some other considerations that increase the total number of movies to un-dust (I put values that look reasonable for me):
1. Scan overlapping - just to be sure we did not missed tack on the edge – 15%
2. Bad focus – 5%
3. Calibration movies – 30%

So we have 750,000 movies to check - WOW!.

Looking to My Events page (all in “Intermediate” status, I have 8 events and 6 of tem I’d like to revoke if I allowed to do that, BTW – this functionality will reduce amount of moderator’s work too) I found that the average numbers of viewing is 192 – let increase this number to 200.

So we have as little as 15,000,000 movies unles the "total number of viewing" will go down.

Am I right?
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