Am i the discoverer?

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Am i the discoverer?

Post by renu_krs »

Hi, jus out of curiosity, i want to know whether i have found atleast one particle. How can i know that????

Help meeeeeeeeeeee
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Post by Nikita »

Hi again Renu_krs!

The best advice I can tell you is to sit and wait. We won't know anything official for quite some time.

BUT! The good news is that you can see if you are even in the running!

If you click on a track, or what you think is a track, first look at your scores. If they change, you just saw a callibration film. If they don't change, you were looking at a real movie and you just indicated to the Stardust team that you saw something you think they should look at.

Next, go to "My Events" tab immediately after you think you marked a track on a real movie. When you get there, you can scroll down to where your films that you marked are listed. If the number of agreements equals one, you are the only one to say you saw something. If there is more than one, then others have found something in that movie as well. If you don't check right away, you won't know if you were the first or not if there are 2 or more agreements. One agreement means you agree with yourself and if it is real, you are the first to discover!

After that, continue to check on your events page to see the status of the ones you clicked on. This is where you wait. They've got to look at what we've marked, get more ready for us to check and continue to work on any bugs in the system. And that is on this project alone.

So keep the bubbly stuff on ice. It's waaaay to soon to know anything yet.

From dust we come
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